2. There for the little guys.

2. There for the little guys.

Dark daytime techno event:

We are (hopefully) known in the scene for huge sound projects like Grelle Forelle, Red Bull Hanger 7 and the Volksoper. but, we are always there for the little guys as well. (by now we can include the custom-made double bass array in the BASSment at The Loft to this prestigious list).

The collective ANANAS demanded  ‚Pro Performance Sound‘ for their 12 hour (Mid-day to Mid-night) DARK techno event. We were happy to rent our system to them and provide a sound solution for the Wohnzimmer in The Loft.

Wolfgang is well versed with the set-up as Pro Performance sponsor the Phat Jam, a monthly live music event held in the Loft. Despite this I was amazed at the care and dedication Wolfgang showed on that (DARK) Sunday morning.

We stand for perfect sound, we are Pro Performance.

Wohnzimmer DARK setup and specifications:

Top speakers: 2x Alcons Audio VR12/90

Bass speakers: 2x Alcons Audio BF151 mkII

Monitors: 2x Lambda Labs CX-1A

Amplifiers: 1x Alcons Audio Sentinel 3, 1x Alcons Audio Sentinel 10

Pro Performance, supporting local up-and-coming artists.