Shaped by iB

Shaped by iB

“Combining intense workouts with intense sound”.

Shapedby iB is a fitness company with a difference, technological superiority and sport science are among this companies guiding principles. In each 1 hour session, participants look to burn up to 1000 calories, data is tracked and analysed to help people get the best out of their workout.

This wouldn’t be a true Wolfgang Sauter club-sound experience without custom-built subwoofers. These help to motivate participants and trainers in their sessions. We also equipped the flagship studio with tops from B&W, amps from RAM Audio and Xilica pre-processing.

6 x custom built 10” Subwoofers

18 x B&W Am-1 100W Topspeakers

3 x RAM MDi8 Amplifiers

1 x Xilica FR1 Pre-Processing