Home cinema – literally: originally the responsible persons of the Federal College for Economic Professions in Ried am Wolfgangsee in Salzburg came to us because they had big acoustic problems in the staircase of the boarding school. There are countless other examples of this.


The Problem

Apart from what the sometimes unbearably high noise level in such places does to the ears and minds of our children, do you think that it is possible for your children to communicate meaningfully in such an atmosphere and to exchange, let alone to recover?

The Solution

Since we like to think beyond the actual requirements, we are sometimes known for thinking around corners and in this special case also came across open ears, we expanded the concept a bit.

The result is that the formerly unacceptable staircase of the boarding school has been converted into a home cinema and is now also a place of encounter through appropriate acoustic measures.

How? Well, take selected hi-fi components, excellent professional sound systems, a powerful projector, a projection screen in the appropriate size and combine it with – in this case – Vicoustic Poly Wood Fusor, Wave Wood panels and Silent Space Acoustic Textiles. Stirred, not shaken 😉