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Recording Studio Tonezone

For the sound engineering preparations for the presentation of the new MIR project of the ingenious people of Vienna Symphonic Library at the American NAMM in January 2009, Christian Kardeis invested in a Blue Sky System One 5.2 Surround System for the studio work in the recording studio tonezone music department.


Another Sky One 5.2 system will also be used in the VSL’s new-styled, sensational, acoustically redesigned and already famous “Cube” from earlier trade fair appearances, when the latest achievements of the Vienna Symphonic Library’s uncompromisingly good audio engines will be presented at NAMM 2009.

Meyer Sound’s THX pm3 certified Sky One systems have almost taken the place of the HD1 loudspeakers in the sound zone. How well the system has already proven itself can be seen on the one hand in the quite satisfied face of sound engineer Christian Kardeis, and on the other hand in the excellent acoustics of his studio. According to Blue Sky’s motto: “…Sky System One, THX Approved, powered monitoring system, which provides full range, accurate sound reproduction and is ideal for critical listening applications.

And:  “[…] these systems are also ideal for those home audio enthusiasts looking for a superior sound experience.”