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Youth Church Vienna

The parish of St. Florian in 1040 Vienna houses Austria’s first youth church. This is a project of the Catholic Youth of the Archdiocese of Vienna and certainly an exception in its kind, not least because services with live music and event character take place there.


The Church

The modern, rectilinear building consists of an 18 meters high central section and two extensive areas to the left and right of it, with a relatively low room height. The length of the church is 40 meters and the mostly smooth, unembellished  right-angled boundary surfaces create an acoustics that can be described as rather difficult for sound reinforcement tasks. The reverberation time is over five seconds in certain frequency ranges.

In accordance with the modern concept of the parish of St. Florian to bring youth and religion together, the church was rebuilt and technically upgraded so that in the future event masses can also be held.

Concept and Implementation

4-solutions was commissioned with the technical implementation of the project, from whom the photos on this page were taken. In their search for a sound system best suited for this type of use, we were able to prevail over our competitors with the products from Alcons Audio. The well-known characteristics of the QR36 full-range cylinder shaft modules from Alcons Audio again offered an extremely convincing performance. This ensures excellent speech intelligibility in all areas of the church and the reproduction of musical material also meets the highest requirements.

Two Alcons Audio QR36 modules per side were used, powered by an ALC4 controller amplifier, as well as Alcons Audio. Mounted on top of each other and placed in specially manufactured, mobile tripods, they perfectly meet the universal requirements of the church. It is perhaps also remarkable in this connection that the operation of the loudspeakers is normally provided in such a way that the microphones are positioned in front of the loudspeakers, because these – in RAL colours – are placed optically unobtrusively on the front wall of the chancel, thus behind the speakers!