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Community Centre Kilb – Lower Austria


On the occasion of the redesign of the community centre in Kilb, the sound reinforcement technology in the new community hall was also to be brought to a modern standard.

In addition to the usual requirements such as even sound distribution and high speech intelligibility, the specification also focused on the universal applicability of the audio technology infrastructure for a wide variety of events. For this reason, a cabling system was planned and implemented which, thanks to a large number of offsets in the area of the stage and the hall, which all lead into a central connection panel, enables events of almost any calibre – without first having to lay multicores through the hall or LS cables across the stage. 4 Seeburg acoustic line A8 units, which are supported by 2 subwoofers if required, provide the actual sound for the hall. In addition, front fills integrated into the front edge of the stage ensure good sound in the front rows of seats. The system is controlled by a dbx digital controller, which has been pre-programmed for various pre-defined applications and thus always ensures a perfectly coordinated overall system. The 01/V 96 digital mixer from Yamaha is used as a mixing console, which provides all the essential sound engineering tools for signal processing even without the use of additional peripherals.

We are sure that this parish hall will see many more wonderful events!