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Music House Tyrol

Musik Tirol, the music store in the Tyrolean lowlands, moved into a new company building in 2009. One of the many considerations that had to be considered in the course of the expansion of the sales areas was the design of a proper PA demonstration room. Within the new company building, a suitable and, with an area of over 100 m², very spacious room was available.

Soon, however, the question arose as to how one could approach the subject of acoustics, because – see pictures – a rectangular room of over 100 m², with a sound-reflecting ceiling and walls of the same size, is not necessarily well suited per se for demonstrating Pa systems. Not to mention the expected boom of potent bass and sub-bass systems. The aim was now to acoustically optimise this room so that Musik Tirol had a demonstration room that was optimised for reproduction with a wide variety of sound systems and at the same time also visually representative.

After several discussions and a well thought-out proposal with Vicoustic products, Christoph Reiter, head of the company, was convinced by our acoustic design. The mixture of premium products (foam absorber with fabric coating, available in 8 colours) and panels with wooden surfaces (white, black, light brown, cherry and Nordic), as well as their combination with various diffuser panels made of EPS and classic foam absorbers in anthracite, convinces in its entirety as well as in its many details. The colour-coordinated mounting in changing patterns gives the showroom a professional and unmistakable ambience. Pro Performance also designed special bass and sub bass solutions in the stage area. Using the proven Wave Wood panels, highly effective, broadband bass absorption systems were created that give the entire installation and the stage an unmistakable touch.

The customers, the employees of the Musikhaus and last but not least Christoph Reiter, are all extremely satisfied! We think the exercise was a success.