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Wiener Philharmoniker – Rehearsal Studio C

After the large Rehearsal Studio C in the Concert House Vienna had already become a little outdated acoustically, we were commissioned to redesign it efficiently and cost-effectively.

The task was to make the somewhat dry acoustics of the spacious studio more lively and at the same time to prevent the excessive reflections of the untreated side walls. We succeeded with the arrangement of vertical lines with Poly Wood Fusor elements and flat Pulsar Fusor panels on the ceiling. The acoustics of the large rehearsal room, which were perceived as blunt, were improved in tonal terms, the distribution of sound energy was made much more homogeneous and the audibility of the musical events improved accordingly.

All in all, this results in a much more balanced overall acoustic situation for all rehearsal situations, which is subjectively perceived as much more pleasant. In addition – as we find – the visual appearance of the room has also been significantly enhanced