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Rehearsal Stage Burgtheater


For the first time in its existence, the rehearsal stage was brought up to the latest state of the art in technology and acoustics. Concept & planning – as so often with particularly fastidious projects – the company Tonarchitektur, Peter Willensdorfer.


The result: simply an excellent room in every respect! That here in every regard also optical criteria were corresponded, corresponds beyond that to the self understanding of Peter Willensdorfer. That the products of our manufacturer Vicoustic fit besides not only from acoustic view into this concept, we are pleased naturally particularly. And we are also a little proud of it!

And because there are so few really good rooms anyway, we asked the chief sound engineer of the Burgtheater whether we could also test our high-end PA systems in this room. We were 🙂 And the result was simply sensational! Which shows again only too clearly, how substantially the influences of a good room acoustics are!

With this in mind, we will continue to strive to link the two topics of sound reinforcement and acoustics in the best possible way and to implement their complex aspects in our partly groundbreaking projects accordingly.