Discover True Sound

Castle Yard Romantica – Ischgl, Tyrolia


Ischgl is rightly the epitome of skiing holidays, lifestyle and luxury. The operator Ing. Arnold Tschiderer didn’t want to leave anything to chance with the generous extension to his hotel and also wanted to be among the first hotels in terms of sound.


Our concept convinced him and so we were able to realize a real showcase project in the heart of Ischgl. The result is a centrally controlled multi-zone sound system that supplies almost all generally accessible areas with sound from the hotel’s own discotheque to the breakfast room and extends over 3 floors and the outside area of the hotel. Even the toilet facilities now “sound” better than in any other hotel!

A Complex Project

The high complexity of the project was mainly due to the fact that the various areas were to be fed by a central audio source on the one hand, but alternatively also by a self-sufficient playback system on the other. In addition, some rooms were to be used as a restaurant or bar during the day and as a discotheque in the evening. The equipment used there had to be able to create a cosy atmosphere with pleasant background music on the one hand, but on the other hand also be able to deliver very high levels and impressive dynamics.

(Acoustic) Luxury

The finished system, which does all of this, now looks roughly as follows: The heart of the system is a digital audio matrix with 8 inputs and 52 outputs. A total of 5 feed computers, which access a central audio server, can be connected to the inputs of the matrix. Their signals are now processed according to the respective requirements and output to the loudspeakers of the various areas via the 52 outputs. PA boxes from Seeburg acoustic line’s studio series, driven by a total of 21 power amplifiers, are used in areas with higher demands on the possible sound level. The lobby, the lounge, the breakfast room, the ski shop, the toilets, and of course the TV room equipped with 5.1 surround are equipped with BlueSky active monitors, which provide an incomparably high-quality acoustic atmosphere.

It remains to be mentioned that we are really impressed by the ambience of the Hotel Romantica, even away from the good sound!