Mon Ami

Mon Ami

“A much loved bar-lounge-club in central Vienna, now featuring a super sound concept”.

Initially, Pro Performance were asked to see how we could help sort out some sound problems and get the most of the existing sound system. Eventually, we ended up replacing and creating a entirely new sound concept for the bar and clubroom of Mon Ami.

We believe that all bars need a good sound system which helps create a comfortable and motivating atmosphere for guests which keep them coming back. Mon Ami has definitely unlocked their fantastic potential with this upgrade, not just on weekends. When the bar is open every day running a whole range of activities and programs, quality is key.

4x LD System CURV 500 Subwoofers

28x B&W AM-1 100W Topspeakers

2x RAM MDi8 amplifiers

1x Xilica FR1 pre-processing