Das Campus

Das Campus

Das Campus on the ground of Vienna’s business university certainly sets new standards with its gastronomic concept. The commitment of the operators to offer their guests an extraordinary concept in every respect ingeniously complemented  our approach of doing the same in the field of sound reinforcement.

The Concept
Congenial partnerships generally result in outstandingly implemented concepts, for which Das Campus can almost be regarded as a prime example. Our client immediately understood what we were talking about when we asked him to think about the possibility of an acoustic solution for the ceiling during our first visit to the construction site. In addition, he could also see that we had understood his gastronomy concept. The result is acoustics that on the one hand provide the necessary absorption to make it possible for many people to get together in a relaxed way, but  are also designed in such a way that the atmospheric liveliness of the room is preserved. And who doesn’t know that in a restaurant even communicating with a neighbor is problematic because the noise level is so high?

The Implementation

We designed a sound system that, in addition to using the highest quality products from Alcons Audio, is also characterised by the fact that we designed the bass reproduction very specifically and individually. By using extremely compact high-performance active subwoofers from Velodyne, which are distributed evenly throughout the room and suspended under the ceiling, we were able to achieve uniform, dynamic and clean bass reproduction throughout the room. Unconventional – but  with absolutely fantastic results! In addition, we designed the integration of the bass systems within the client’s design requirements in such a way that we have received only positive feedback so far. As for the rest of the installation, by the way.

The core of the PA system is an audio matrix Xilica Audio Neutrino ND1616, which, with its 16 inputs and 16 outputs each, enables the management of all sources and zones for the demand-oriented control of the entire system via tablet PC. Changes to the demand profile, which have proved necessary several times since the local was commissioned, for example, are possible at any time thanks to the high performance and flexible handling of the system.

The Result

Our goal was simply to create a high-quality sound system that would be as uniform as possible throughout the entire room, with the option of switching between Sunday brunch with children and disco on Saturdays without more effort than simply pressing one button. So with maximum flexibility in their use and orientation. The result is a sound reinforcement system that can be creatively further developed and programmed according to the wishes and requirements of our customers. And, according to the operator, handling is trouble-free.