Brunswick Bowling Vienna

Brunswick Bowling Vienna

For many, the name Brunswick is the epitome of bowling and entertainment. The two Viennese centres, Brunswick Prater and Brunswick Hernals, offer entertainment for all social classes and age groups.


High Demands

Many years ago, Brunswick established the Saturday “Disco Bowling” to offer the youth a special incentive. This popular event made demands on the equipment of the two bowling centres, however, which the technical requirements of the existing sound and lighting systems no longer met. Here, too, we were able to convince with our concept and installed a new lighting system in the Brunswick Prater and a lighting and sound system in the Brunswick Hernals.

The Concept – Light and Sound in Harmony

The lighting technology used, with fully programmable and actively controllable lighting effects, ranges from classic scanners, hazers and waterfall effects to ultra-modern LED spotlights, giving the two bowling centres the visual atmosphere that the public can expect according to the motto.

The concept of the sound system in Brunswick Hernals not only complements this aspect. In terms of the balance of its reproduction qualities and the uniformity of the room’s illumination, it creates a quality of music reproduction which, in our view, could serve as an example to various other venues. A first-class digital loudspeaker management system ensures that the system amplifiers are controlled correctly and with convincing sound quality, while high-quality playback devices and a disc mixing console of the same quality round off the overall result.

A Magnificent System for Little Money

Our aim was also to create an acoustic environment for the visitors of the “Disco Bowling”, which without compromise corresponds to the motto of the evening, but without restricting the social-communicative aspect of bowling. From our point of view it is unfortunately the case in many locations that an unbalanced, sometimes sharp or even hard sound leads to undercurrent stress or discomfort in the long run. Therefore, we try to realize concepts in our installations that offer the visitors an atmosphere that they like to come and stay longer.

Often a lot of money is invested in the equipment of a restaurant in order to create a certain atmosphere. Inadequate sound and lighting concepts sometimes nullify these efforts.