Bar Campari

Bar Campari

“The Italian art of togetherness in the heart of Vienna”.

The art of creating an atmospheric background to said art.

When we were asked to look at the existing sound system in Bar Campari, we knew it would not be an easy task. When Mateo Thun is responsible for the design, we couldn’t just install any loudspeakers. We could only meet his requirements and the demands of Bar Campari with unconditional quality, flexible design and an inspiring concept.

Alcons Audio stands for unrelenting quality and outstanding sound. They also offer flexibility in design; these special VR-5 speakers are not only in the deep chocolate colour selected by the customer but also including some additional mounting design elements. This allowed us to not only integrate the loudspeakers into our sound concept, but also for the speaker to fit seamlessly into the existing visual design and ambience of Bar Campari.

The event room is found on the first floor of Bar Campari. There were already pre-existing speakers from the company B&W. We reorganised the set-up and added 6 additional units to bring the total to 24. Based on the industrial design of the ceiling, we came up with a special design for our custom-built 18″ subwoofers to complement the top speakers in the bass range.

The incredible reaction of Mr. Friese showed he is as happy with the final results as we are. Both in terms of optics and the audio capabilities of our set-up. Our ‘bass line’ along the first floor ceiling provides the (sound) foundation for a wide range of social and business gatherings. The performance capacity of the entire solution is a perfect match for the demands and needs of Bar Campari.


8x 18″ Wolfgang Sauter custom-built CBD Subwoofer

9x Alcons Audio VR5 Top speakers

10x Sentinel 10 Amplifier

24x B&W AM-1 Top speakers.

1x  RAM Audio W 12044 Applifier

1x  Xilica Solaro FR1 Pre Processor