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Backstage Bar

The Backstage Bar follows a concept that has never existed in Wr. Neustadt in this form before: a cozy atmosphere at a high level and weekly live concerts that are aimed primarily at an audience well beyond 20 years.


Focus on Style and Party

The sound and light concept should – obvious, but unfortunately still not self-evident – support this idea in the most unintrusive and efficient way possible. The main focus was on the background sound system, as bands bring their own equipment, but of course there was also the possibility to implement the appropriate party atmosphere. So at all places even background music that illuminates the room cleanly, atmospherically supporting the idea of the venue on the one hand, but on the other hand if required also high possible levels with a rich bass foundation on appropriate occasions – in the sense of the guests – but in the reproduction quality far away from any disco drones!

The selection of the loudspeakers, the amplification and the digital processor to control the sound system were also essential aspects here, not least because the acoustics of the room with its vaults are not uncritical and the operators of the backstage bar, Christian “Pinki” Pinkernell and Andrea Greiner privately belong to the “spoiled” ears, with an excellent high-end system available privately.

Excellent Sound for Little Money

Due to its extremely attractive price/performance ratio, we chose the extremely compact, but nevertheless amazingly powerful A1 from Seeburg Acoustic Line, supported by an A1 Sub. Individually controlled via a digital matrix by Rane and adapted to the room, the audio system plays in all situations from quiet to loud, evenly illuminating the room and never intrusive, even though it has the potential to rock! Integrated into a simple but efficient lighting concept, based on LED spotlights, the result was also an atmospherically harmonious concept, which is nevertheless quite demanding in its detail solutions.

Our approaches are based on a small audio network that makes it possible to play classical music from a DJ station, but also via special DJ software and a computer if required. Thus, the Backstage Bar has a compact, flexible and correspondingly high-quality system at its disposal, which, as the audience often notices to our satisfaction, is clearly above what one normally gets offered.