Austria Center

Austria Center

In recent weeks, the efforts of Wiener Städtische Versicherung to stage its capital increase on the stock exchange accordingly were undeniable! This commitment recently reached a glorious climax at the Austria Center in Vienna, where a correspondingly conceived event was held for over 3000 guests, which was implemented with a great deal of effort.


The Requirements

Since the customer had decided not to use the in-house system, pro performance took over the delicate part of the sound system of the Austria Center for the event agency MPP. The large hall of the Austria Center had to be sounded, whereby the distance between the seating of the last row and the stage was more than 50m.

Besides various live interviews and speeches, as well as music and effects, Domino Blue, drumatical theater & barrelbeat percussion performance was the musical highlight on the program. The performance of the 8 musicians, who drumming on steel drums deliver an impressive acoustic performance, was to be transferred in all its dynamics into the equally impressive size of the Austria Center, and that for over 3000 people, as authentic and space-filling as possible! The sound reinforcement task could not be more contradictory!

The Solution

With only 8 tops per side and 8 TSE 18″ bass systems in front of the stage – each with one nearfield speaker “on top” (see gallery) as vertical bass array – and one Seeburg A6 on the left and right side as fill, this configuration was good for a more than convincing performance!

The often critical voices of some technicians – and there were many in the house due to the size of the event – were completely absent. On the contrary, there was much praise and recognition for GALEO and also the technicians of the company, who certainly have extensive experience with line array systems in your company, were positively surprised! Many thanks at this point for the active support!

With GALEO we managed to master both extremes of sound reinforcement with confidence! In addition, we were able to achieve a really even and comprehensive sound coverage of the very wide room (40m), which was also free of reflections from the side walls, some of which tapered backwards quite unfavourably. GALEO by Seeburg Acoustic Line also offers an extremely interesting price-performance ratio and the possibility of flexible processing and amping design. Therefore an integration in high-quality, already existing equipment is no problem!