The Loft

The Loft

“The Loft gave us the opportunity to bring about an idea I have had for quite a while now. The project resulted in a bass array of a special kind. -6dB  at 15Hz and a virtually identical bass level in the entire room.”

– Wolfgang Sauter

The Loft features a truly remarkable bass system. After The Loft celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019, Mike, Dominic and the team started to think about updating the sound system. 6 different companies here asked for their solution, Pro Performance was chosen.

On the lower floor in the ‘BASSment’, we installed tops from Alcons Audio and built a customized bass array, 24x 15″ CBD (Closed box design) Subwoofers, arranged in two horizontal lines of 12. each and with a lower corner frequency of 15Hz, which not only provides currently the lowest bass reproduction in Vienna, but at a constant level over the entire 25m room. Our secret? Applied physics. The power behind it? A cool 40 kW. Who knows Pro Performance, knows that we don’t do things in half measures.

We added new acoustic measures to the upper floor and used the old system from the lower floor, optimally integrating it into the new situation. Our experience in measurement technology and our know-how played a decisive role in this. Even we were surprised at what we were able to get out of those aging components.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the new setups in The Loft, make sure to pay the guys a visit.

(Downstairs) System: 

24x 15″ CB Design Woofer

6x Alcons Audio VR12