“The first Lambda Labs QX series fixed installation in an Austrian club. Hi-tech made in Austria at its best”.

— Wolfgang Sauter

Equipped with 4x QX-3, 4x QX-3B and 8x DH-18 from the Austrian loudspeaker manufacturer Lambda Labs, this club represents in our opinion the highest level of intense sound. All for a maximum of 250 people when this set-up would be more than enough for 5000 people.

The clubroom fits this system like a custom-made glove; when it comes to the topic of dynamic reserves, the only word that comes to mind is “open end”. With >100dBA we are talking about a basically unlimited level of power. The vertically asymmetrical dispersion of the QX enables a sound level that is virtually identical at all locations across the dance floor. The bass array, designed as a double-endfire, is in no way inferior to the tops in terms of uniformity and depth effect. The two horizontal lines of 4 DH-18’s also guarantees absolute uniformity in the sub-bass range.

Separated by a sound trap, the lounge/bar area of the venue is located next door, but without the door. Despite this, the level is reduced by almost 30dB. Integrated into the sound trap is a vertical bass line , which, by means of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), helps to achieve these extraordinary values. One can move just a few meters and go from an relaxed bar atmosphere to one of the best equipped dance floors around.

Of course, the entire system (dance floor, bar, lounge and VIP area) can be controlled by a tablet from any place in the venue. In addition, a user interface allows specific interventions in the sound process in order to adapt musical content that varies according to genre or source. From our point of view, this is a must in order to be able to show the quality of our setup in its best light.

CURV500 systems are used in all areas outside the dance floor. This flexible, configurable (and above all scalable) system gives us the possibility to work cost-efficiently without compromising our demands. The bandwidth of this system easily ranges from smooth background music to louder, harder sound that we are known for.

Photographer: Mato Johannik