When the operators of the club Opernpassage approached us at the beginning of the year with their project, it soon became clear in which direction it went: the sound of the Flex and the Sass were already known and were regarded as the benchmark against which the club sound of the Opernpassage was to be measured.


At several meetings and discussions, in which we approached the matter very individually, we developed a sound concept which – only a few weeks after the official opening of the club – proved to be groundbreaking. The comments on the sound of the Opernpassage confirm once again that Alcons Audio not only offers very, very good loudspeaker systems, but also acts competently, flexibly and individually in implementing our customers’ wishes.

An Unique Concept

One of the novelties of the sound concept in the opera passage is the 2D vertical bass array, which was designed by us taking into account the spatial conditions and enables an extremely even distribution of the bass energy in the room. The basses are only separated towards the tops at 160Hz, which under normal circumstances only works to a limited extent, because the associated resonances, room modes and cancellations would pose a fundamental problem. The tonal balance (frequency response 40Hz – 160Hz +/- 3dB in the room) of the bass reproduction is exemplary and there are neither resonances or boom frequencies, nor bass cancellations or superelevations in the entire area of the club. The bass level in the entire club area (outside the near field of about 2m around the bass system) is practically identical and extremely balanced.

In addition, the continued use of Alcon’s VR12 and VR8 systems as tops offers HiFi Sound at Concert Level – in line with Alcon’s Audio’s corporate motto. The sound quality is simply remarkable and especially at high levels, where conventional systems with compression drivers as tweeters more or less “scream” and cause pressure on the ears, Alcon’s Audio Pro Ribbon technology convinces all along the line: uncompressed, dynamic sound up to the highest frequencies, with up to 90% less distortion than with conventional tweeters.

The fact that the system is fully digital is only a further step in a consistent sound philosophy, we only refer here to the necessity of good matrix systems in terms of sound, because digital is not the same as digital. Anyway, it is also remarkable to get comments from top-class live acts like Chris Willis, or Barbara Tucker, who have already performed in the Opera Passage, like “amazing sound”, or “best clubsound I’ve heard in years!”

And of course we also consistently pay attention to the many small details of an overall concept, because only the coherent sum of all elements leads to a convincing overall result! We are always surprised to find that many competitors obviously do not seem to see it that way. Perhaps the attention to detail is missing here, or even the knowledge of different contexts, especially in the field of acoustics? In any case, you can expect all this from us!