KIK (Kunst im Keller): Custom-built bass array / Alcons Audio Soundsystem /Custom-made acoustics – An update that can be felt and heard in every respect.

With its wide range of events, the KIK (Kunst im Keller) cultural center in Ried im Innkreis has been an institution in Upper Austria’s culture scene for decades. The renovation of the location, which was carried out in the early summer of 2020, presented us with many challenges in terms of acoustics and sound reinforcement. We countered the L-shaped floor plan and an asymmetrical stage with a custom-built bass array that required a two-zone sound reinforcement concept. The necessary acoustic measures were integrated in such a way that they became part of the visual room design and contribute to a significant improvement in the atmosphere of the “cellar”. These improvements have given the KIK a new look and feel, for the benefit of all.



8x 18” custom-built CB-Design Subwoofers
2x Alcons Audio VR12
2x Alcons Audio VR5
1x Alcons Audio Sentinel10
2x RAMM audio XTR-12K
1x Xilica Solaro FR1
4x curv500 ISUB
2x curv500 D SAT
5x curv500 S2
2x curv500 iAMP

Photographs: Lohar Prokop