Die Tischlerei

Die Tischlerei

After installing the sound system in the new Electronic Music Club “die Tischlerei” in Linz, everyone involved and visitors were initially quite enthusiastic. The 8 Lambda Labs MF-15A and 4 Lambda Labs CX 3 A provides a lasting impression.

The Problem

Unfortunately, the acoustic measures we considered essential were not implemented at this time, and the positioning of the bass systems did not fully meet our expectations and the room acoustic requirements. But as they say: the customer is always right, and more than advising and to point out these deficits was not possible for us in this case around apron.

As it turned out, the 8 pieces MF-15A could not only not really unfold their bass potential, reflections of the room even destroy a good part of the bass energy. We also had to cut the tops significantly in the HF range, because the acoustically unattenuated and thus clearly too reverberant room made the sound appear much too sharp. For us, this is a classic example of the fact that even the best components can only have an allusive effect in a suboptimal environment!

And in the course of time, these deficits became apparent in the comments of some visitors, along the lines of “sound is kind of great, but…”. And after all, there are already quite different references from us.

The Solution

Because we can live with compromises of this kind only very heavily, the takeover of the club by Ferenc Fellner was naturally a highlight for us! Ferenc Fellner – a DJ and soundaffin himself – immediately understood what we had always talked about and made it possible for us to implement this topic according to our ideas.

The Result

The results are acoustic measures that on the one hand significantly reduce the bass modes of the room and on the other hand give the room an overall significantly more pleasant acoustic atmosphere. The bass system has also been updated by adding 4 Lambda Labs DH-18 bass horns the 8 pcs. MF15A – approx. factor x1,5 – is of course in the sense of every dance-loving visitor.

In addition, these could now also be optimally placed. We decided once more for a closed line, clamped between floor and ceiling, and the DH18 will also be controlled with the new four-channel power amplifier from Lambda Labs, KW 16 – corresponding to 4 x 4000Wrms, which improved the performance quite a bit. Also, the tops are now allowed to do what they are really good at: sounding really loud and clean!

The overall result is – once again – setting standards for a club of this size. Comment of a guest DJ on FB: “You are insane… But in a totally positive way!”

We like to think so as well, albeit perhaps a little more differentiated, in the sense of our commitment and our uncompromising approach to implementing our ideas.

And always with the best possible results for our customers and their requirements in mind – within the framework of a solid price/performance ratio