Das Werk

Das Werk

“The impressive transformation of this underground club highlights the effective cooperation between Pro Performance and Das Werk. The consistent merging of the topics of sound and acoustics in Werk creates a standard defining symbiosis”.

— Wolfgang Sauter

The vertical bass array in the corner behind the stage of the Laster floor is another special bass concept from Pro Performance, built to meet the special requirements of the room. Two Alcons Audio‘s 90° clusters (three RR-12s per side), bring dynamics, precision and output to the dancefloor. The Lambda Labs setup on the Luster Floor, consisting of three MF-15A in cardioid mode and two TX-2A tops, is an impressive statement of what is possible when using a limited amount of equipment. Assuming, that acoustics of the room are taken into account.

The same applies to the Laster Floor, where we use Lambda Labs FRPA bass absorbers, just like in the Luster Floor. There are a total of three on the Luster Floor and six on the Laster Floor. The Laster Floor also has a visually impressive steel ceiling solution. Both floors are certainly among Vienna’s top dance floors, and we are proud to have been initiators and partners in  this transformation.


12x 15” Custom Built vertical sub array

6x Alcons Audio RR12

2x Alcons Audio VR12

4x Alcons Audio VR5

2x Lambda Labs TX-2A

3x Lambda Labs MF-15

9x Lambda Labs FRPA bass absorbers

3x  Steel custom-made ceiling absorbers (3 x 1.5m)

Website: daswerk.org