Flex, legendary since 1990, a Pro Performance legend since 2007 – featuring the first ever club installation using an Alcons Audio sound system.

The beginning

We have always had a close connection to Flex, originally advising them on sound optimisation solutions and supplying loudspeaker chassis. In 2007 we were asked to update the sound system. Flex was now hosting more live concerts and needed a effective solution to host them correctly.

After a demo of the Alcons Audio QR36 column loudspeakers, it quickly became clear that the compact  space requirements and the outstanding performance of the speakers were the perfect fit for Flex. That was more than 12 years ago; the same system is still in use day. High quality sound that lasts. 

The setup

The impressive sound system of the Flex consists of three QR36 systems on each side, which are supported by concrete bass horns, equipped with eight 15″ chassis. This has been combined with our know-how and instincts to create a truly convincing sound concept.

The Flex sound system is still an example of the best in sound Vienna has to offer. Powerful, dynamic and incredibly loud when required. If you look at the acts who have played live at Flex you get a good impression of who is who in the international music scene.

Flex, legendary sound.
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