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The SUB’s range of events extends from readings and cabaret, to live concerts with a wide variety of musical styles, to DJs and clubs. And so the planning of the sound system also required a special approach – the Wall Of Bass.


The SUB’s sound system

“About the “Wall Of Bass”, or WOB: With the realization of this sound system we want to set a standard that’s going to be the basis for the SUB’s future success due to the outstanding naturalness of the result.”

— Wolfgang Sauter


A New Approach

The reproduction of music via loudspeakers is a physical event, so you have to take room acoustics into consideration. We at Pro Performance have always been interested in planning our sound concepts on the basis of these prerequisites and not in working against physics, as is often the case out of ignorance. Pro Performance can refer to a wide variety of reference projects, some of them setting high standards (see e.g.: Red Bull Hangar 7 in Salzburg; Grelle Forelle in Vienna), where only a new approach in the planning of the sound reinforcement concept has led to an outstanding solution.


Noise Protection in Clubs

If sound insulation is an issue as well, it is particularly difficult, as many years of experience have shown, to reconcile all requirements. Ideally, a sound system can reproduce any signal correctly, i.e. in a frequency-neutral and impulse-aligned manner. And all this at the required volume, which corresponds to the live performance on offer. Ideally, this should also be perceived at every listening position in a balanced, uniform manner and at the same volume. Never heard of it before? Neither do we. Unfortunately. Time to change that with this project!


Wall Of Bass and Line Arrays

In order to achieve a precise and even bass reproduction in all places of the venue and for all planned future events, we developed the concept of the Wall Of Bass together with the Austrian loudspeaker manufacturer Lambda Labs. In close cooperation with the manufacturer Ciare, Lambda Labs has designed tailor-made Ultra Long Excursion 15″ bass drivers that meet the special requirements of this application. In addition to this simply uncompromising bass solution, two QR36 systems from Alcons Audio are used on each side to reproduce the midrange and treble. These QR36 systems can be used as line arrays to connect perfectly coherently to the flat wave front of the bass system.


Sound System – Key Data

– Foundation made of 12m³ reinforced concrete

– 32 pcs. loudspeaker enclosure made of concrete – ideal for the perfect resonance-free sound experience

– Storage on special absorbers from road construction

– Backfilled with sand and thus completely separated from the actual building fabric

– the 32 loudspeaker chassis are distributed over the rear wall of the club, 8 wide and 4 high

– The loudspeakers themselves are specially developed for this very project

– An absorber wall is installed at the rear of the hall.

– High-end sound installation

These components now lead to the actual principle of the WOB – that the entire surface now acts like a single bass chassis. In this way, a coherent (= flat) wave front is emitted, which resembles the movement of a piston in a cylinder – only rectangular.


“Our vision behind this sound system is quite simple: We sound out the limits of what is technically feasible and simply want to set a benchmark with the realization of this sound system, even in a large international comparison.”

— Wolfgang Sauter