When Alfred Zacharias, operator of the new clubhouse Sass on Karlsplatz, contacted us, it was the sound of the Flex that prompted him to contact the “people who installed these loudspeakers” in order to work out his further concept with us.

At First there was an Idea
For us the basic idea of Mr. Zacharias was immediately comprehensible: an upscale club atmosphere in combination with excellent sound – a concept that can hardly be found in Vienna – should merge into a special ambience that elegantly bridges the gap between atmospherically harmonious get-togethers and wild club adventures.
Music on a whole new Level

The selection of Alcons Audio loudspeakers in the Sass has created its own benchmark in Vienna’s club scene. As with the Flex, you can hear in the Sass what is possible with top-class sound reinforcement components. By using Alcons Audio’s Pro Ribbon technology – the manufacturer’s unrivalled ribbon loudspeaker – the reproduction can be compared with the very best products on the world market in terms of transparency, dynamics and performance. The for the moment inconspicuous, yet ingenious concept of sound reinforcement enables problem-free communication with the partner outside the dance floor – in the sense of an upscale club atmosphere – but without being outside the reproduction area of the loudspeakers. On the contrary, the music will always accompany you, no matter where you are in the club. And yet, on the dancefloor itself, you will be greeted by an uncompromising sound experience!

In addition, invisible acoustic measures ensure a very clean, dry bass – not to be compared with the “whirpering” that you are often expected to hear elsewhere!



Following the guiding principle of our company, we always try to set new standards. With the installation of the sound system in the Sass, our ideas of the sound system for a club were implemented in a remarkable way, and we would be delighted if you – as guests of our customer – would share them with us. Come in & enjoy!