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Club Baby O – Fürstenfeld


The redesign of the sound system in the Club Baby O was a new challenge, because after a detailed analysis of the room acoustic situation it turned out that any conventional form of a bass solution would not have led to the desired result due to room modes and reflections.


This is because the club was built into an industrial hall, which is acoustically sufficiently insulated by a suspended ceiling, but not in the area of the bass frequencies. In order to achieve an even bass impulse throughout the room and a correspondingly homogeneous energy distribution, it was once again necessary to think differently about bass.

The Solution

The result is a horizontally flown bass array, consisting of 4 Lambda Labs DH-18 horn systems – with a total available system power of 18 kW. Clustered into a unit of 4 in directivity mode, we have flown the system centrally over the dancefloor in a special frame construction. The energy of the basses concentrates on the dancefloor and decreases evenly on all sides. Due to the mono bass source, there is a defined bass pulse throughout the room.

In order to achieve the most homogeneous sound possible with extremely even illumination throughout the entire club area, we decided on a horizontal line array from Alcons Audio. The Alcons Audio RR12 are systems with a high-performance 12-inch chassis and the latest generation of the Pro-Ribbon 6-inch ribbon tweeter. Special features of this system are not only its sound quality setting standards but also the extremely defined and controlled asymmetrical dispersion of 30×60 degrees H/V. Up to 4 units of this system can be connected to correspondingly powerful horizontal units between 30 – 120 degrees.

Due to the asymmetrical vertical radiation of +20 degrees/-40 degrees, the system also provides an extremely uniform energy distribution over the vertical axis – similar to the performance of a conventional line array. The trick is the horizontal ribbon built into the loudspeaker, which “charges” the system’s extremely innovative sound conduction at 50% each. Such smart engineering enables Alcons to give this system the properties of a perfect line array even in the vertical plane, namely the extremely homogeneous energy distribution over the distance to the system.

Apart from all the technical details, in practice this means that with a total of four clusters of three flown at the corner points of the dance floor, we not only achieve outstanding overall illumination in the club, but also set standards for uniformity in the area of the dance floor, which is quite generous at 8×12 metres in size.

It goes without saying that we also achieve a dynamic that sets new standards with this system and that the sound quality stands out in every respect from the average, but it also meets our demand to set new standards in the field of club sound reinforcement time and again.