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After we had already equipped the small floor of the “Auslage” with a bass system by Lambda Labs and tops by Alcons Audio, the operators approached us again when it came to designing their newly planned large floor. The requirements proved themselves to be quite complex, as we were confronted with certain facts on the one hand and a concrete requirement profile on the other.

The Sound System

The primary concern was to ensure a functioning sound insulation, since an entire room side consisted of a continuous glass front. Kind of obvious, since it’s an office building. However, if you know that even high-quality insulating glass, even when built in three layers, only achieves 20 to 25 dB attenuation in the bass range and the neighbouring house is only on the other side of the road, then you can certainly speak of a problematic starting situation.

Initial Difficulties

In addition, the operator’s ideas regarding the placement of the DJ booth and the positioning of the bar created the problem of positioning the basses sensibly. The rest, on the other hand, was relatively simple, if a four-point sound system was to be used and the tops of “no speakers” in cooperation with Mike Lorenz also seemed to be ideally suited for the task. But back to sound insulation. A multi-layered structure in front of the window front, i.e. with a certain damped air volume, seemed to us to be a tried and tested means of doing justice to this task. We used highly damping gypsum blocks, heavy foil and, last but not least, membrane absorbers on the inside of the club. These also bind us to the control of the low frequencies, which we ultimately realized by designing a vertical bass array consisting of 12 special 15-inch drivers, which extend in two rows of six from the bottom to the top. Already in the “Forelle” we had made two best experiences with the concept of vertical bass lines (8) and also in the display this concept proved to be very sub-stantiell, precise and powerful.

Sound Insulation and Maximum Volume

Unfortunately, in practice it is not possible to really exhaust the system, its reserves are too large and the noise tolerance of local residents is comparatively too low. Understandably, considering that the bass system could be heard up to Yppenplatz 500 meters away on the opening night… The sound insulation already works, but everything has limits!

An Outstanding Club

Together with the very fine, dynamic and high-resolution tops of “no speakers”, this results in a state-of-the-art club system that certainly does not need to shy away from international comparison. Amping and Processing is of course also the finest!