“The project BASIS with it’s complexity required our entire know-how. However, the resulting fusion of theater, live stage, club and cinema is
exceptional. A benchmark,  in international comparison”.

– Wolfgang Sauter

The BASIS Vinschgau/Venosta project can certainly be considered as one of our most impressive and extensive to date. BASIS was formerly an army barracks which has now been converted into a multifunctional venue. Theatre, live music, a cinema and club events of are all possible. The variety of the offerings required extensive know-how in sound and room acoustics, so naturally, Wolfgang Sauter was needed.

This project uses Alcons Audio products for the sound system, FRPR bass absorbers from Lambda Labs for the control of the low frequencies and a custom-made absorber solution for the stage area. A custom-made absorber ceiling 8 meters high completes the acoustic package. This results in a room with almost 400 square metres of floor space. Due to the height of the room, the sound quality is extraordinary, comparable to a studio in terms of its acoustic qualities. In particular, the reverberation time is perfectly suited to the room and live events.

It is almost needless to mention that the Alcons Audio system functions at a very high level under such conditions.


8x 15″ Custom-built Kickfillers

9x Alcons Audio Sentinel 10

10x Alcons Audio RR12

9x Alcons Audio VR12

6x Alcons Audio CRS12GT

2x Alcons Audio BF151

4x Alcons Audio BC543

Photographers: Tiberio Sorvillo, Samuel Holzner