Wild One Music

Wild One Music


When we first met Mr. Jakob Grabmayr, owner of the High End Protools-Studio Wild One Music in Vienna, it was soon clear that there were many common interests regarding professional studio technology and the endless search for the best solution possible.


The Search for the Perfect Sound

Mr. Grabmayr had just updated his studio with a large Protools console and as the next step in the constant search for optimization, further room acoustic improvements were planned. After measuring the studio through pro performance and intensive discussions about the materials to be used, we approached the optimization of the studio acoustics step by step.

Helmholtz resonators already available suppressed standing bass waves effectively and in a space-saving manner, modules made of acoustic foam and diffusers were already available to the extent that previous productions could be handled accordingly well, but where there was a will to improve, there was also a way there! And it turned out that there were still a lot of design options left open, not least of a visual nature. Auralex offers the most flexible solutions here.

The Way to the Goal

The recording room had received even less attention acoustically in relation to the direction, whereupon we also found clear acoustic improvements here with the products from Auralex. The resulting optics give the recording room a very individual “touch” in addition to excellent control of the acoustic conditions. And finally, we added a Sub12 from studio monitor specialist Blue Sky to the existing – and from our point of view excellent – monitoring system, simply because it brought a certain sovereign self-evidence into the deep bass range. (For those who are still searching: stop, listen for free!) And not because you might really have missed something – the previous productions were probably not affected by the lack of a subwoofer in any way – but the difference between with and without was just quite convincing!

The Final Result


And for Mr. Grabmayr, a specialist in his field and a declared seeker, the last detail is decisive. To round off the overall performance of the reproduction quality, a Benchmark DAC1 – very practical in this case the possibility to switch between 3 digital sources – and an SPL Volume 2 found their way into the studio, so to speak as a icing on the cake in addition to the rest of the list of electronics that reads like the who’s who of fine studio technology at Wild One Music. So you really can’t say that the Protools converters do a bad job. But, the comparison with Benchmark makes again and again very safe! And the Volume 2 as volume control between conversion and output stage is simply a number in itself…Many thanks at this point to the tireless guys from SPL for their constant search for new ways and great solutions. Just look at the Passeq!