Wiener Netze

Wiener Netze

Controlled room acoustics are an essential part of any state-of-the-art video conferencing system.

We were particularly pleased to be able to design and create one such acoustic solution for the new video conference room of Wiener Netze.
The free-floating, round ceiling panels from Artnovion’s Azores architectural range not only help achieve the desired acoustics but also complement the room’s lighting concept in the best possible way. We also installed the Azores wall panels mounted to the left and right of the video screen, as well as a customized printed panel of an aerial shot of the Wiener Netze building. The overall result was so convincing that the client asked us to start designing and planning acoustic concepts for the entrance hall and meeting space which we carried out shortly after (pictures 3 and 4). In addition, several additional large format Artnovion Mirage panels are to be added in the video conference room.

Specifications video conference room:

3x Azores SQR absorber (snow)
2 x Azores SQR absorber (teal)
2 x Azores SQR absorber (khaki)
2x Azores SQR absorber (iron)
3x Azores SQR absorber (steel)
41x Azores CIR 1200mm cloud absorber (snow)
53x Azores CIR 800mm cloud absorber (snow)
1x Mirage 45 AL 1600x 1000mm (custom picture)

Specifications meeting space:

66x Azores CIR Cloud absorber (snow)
10x Silencio standard absorber

Pictures courtesy of Wiener Netze