“Techbold technology group doesn’t do things in half measures. A comprehensive acoustic solution for an innovative, forward-thinking company”.

Techbold technology group is a hi-tech IT company that offers a range of services from security to physical repairs. The modern and stylish office in the 20th district of Vienna houses over a 100 IT specialists. We installed a total of 238 wall panels and 43 ceiling clouds in a variety of colours and finishes over a total of 24 rooms.

The Azores acoustic range from Artnovion has a total of 5 styles and comes in 34 different colours. Design and creativity are the limit when it comes to designing acoustic solutions for room and spaces with products from Artnovion and Kuietly.


238 x Artnovion Azores (SQR) wall panel absorbers

43 x Artnovion Azores (CIR) ceiling cloud absorbers


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Produkt: Artnovion Azores