“Digital signage, at the highest level”.

The easescreen office in Vienna is a state-of-the-art, powerful signal of intent for Pichler Medientechnik and easescreen. It incorporates a showroom, seminar and meeting rooms, as well as a reception area and back offices. An extensive acoustic solution plays an important role in highlighting the strengths of easecsreen’s products.

 The seminar and showroom have been treated with Logan diffuser and Azores absorber panels, controlling and adding depth to the environment. Whereas, the offices have been equipped with Tejo absorber panels in a variety of colours.  These significantly help to reduce vibrations and improve speech intelligibility in the office environment.

28 x Artnovion Tejo wall panel absorbers

14 x Artnovion Azores (SQR) wall panel absorbers

118 x Artnovion Logan wall panel diffusers

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Product: Artnovion Azores
Product: Artnovion Logan 
Product: Kuietly Tejo