D-T-S Showroom

D-T-S Showroom

High-end audio at its finest.
d-t-s Audio equips its showrooms with Artnovion acoustic panels.

d-t-s is certainly one of our most dedicated acoustic panel dealers and definitely one of the top locations in the country when it comes to high-end audio. The newly designed showrooms were therefore designed with comprehensive acoustic solutions according to our design proposal. The result can be both seen and heard.

For the surface behind the loudspeakers, we used Alps diffusers, as these panels are not only among the best on the market but they also have the ability to reproduce a sound image in a particularly three-dimensional and massive way. In the suspended ceiling construction we integrated Lugano diffusers, which help to give a crystal clear feeling to the room. Diffusers were also used on the side walls. The Lagos panels then scatter the incoming sound waves. Especially in the horizontal plane and provide an appealing and open sound image. On the rear wall we complement the concept with Siena Absorber panels to eliminate disturbing reflections from behind. Finally, multi-layer custom-made vertical corner absorbers on the left and right side complete the concept and effectively reduce reverberation time. All in all, with these measures we designed a listening room that is not only visually very appealing but also a comprehensive reference  to even the most demanding customers.


10x Artnovion Alps W diffuser (bronze)
15x Artnovion Lugano W diffuser ( bronze)
12x Artnovion Lagos W diffuser (noir)
12x Artnovion Siena W absorber (noir)

Website: d-t-s.at