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Antena3 Bukarest

One of our largest acoustic projects up to date: One thousand custom-made acoustic panels for the two large production studios of Romania’s largest private television station.

The Requirements

In detail, the aim was to design the new studios with 400 and 800m² of floor space to be suitable for television acoustics and to meet the customer’s requirement to develop a solution that would be different from conventional solution approaches.

An Ideal Solution

The design and the corresponding installation of our custom-made panels offer a comprehensive control of the reverberation time over the frequency on the one hand and diffuse reflection in those frequency ranges which were already affected by the air attenuation due to the studio sizes on the other. For this purpose we used aluminum panels with a special hole pattern, lined with highly absorbent panels. Due to the suspended mounting as ceiling canopy, as well as the mounting on the side walls via specially pre-tensioned cable systems, we achieved a comprehensive control of frequencies well below 100Hz.

The result is exemplary reverberation times, which in these studios, despite their size, also offer a very pleasant, well controlled, not too dry acoustic atmosphere according to subjective perception. We have now used the channels developed for this particular project in various other installations and have achieved extremely satisfactory solutions in all cases.