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Antena 3

One of our largest acoustic projects up to date: One thousand custom-made acoustic panels for the two large production studios of Romania’s largest private television station.

Our customer required a custom solution quite different from conventional approaches. We were tasked with designing the room acoustics for a 400 and a 800m² television studio. The design and the corresponding installation of the custom-made panels offer comprehensive control of the reverberation time and secondly diffuse additional reflections already affected due to the large size of the studios. For this purpose, we used aluminum panels with a special hole pattern, lined with highly absorbent panels.

Panels were hung from the ceiling and mounted on the walls using pre-tensioned cable systems. With this, one can achieve extensive control of room frequencies well below 100Hz. This resulted in exemplary reverberation times,  a pleasant, well-controlled yet not too dry acoustic atmosphere. We have now used the same cable system developed for this particular project in various other installations and are happy with the results.