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Private Acoustic Project

Often private customers invest large sums of money in hifi/high-end equipment, only to discover that the given room acoustics limit the listening pleasure.

¬†Thanks to Artnovion’s huge product portfolio we can handle just about any acoustic problem. In this case, our measurements revealed a massive resonance between the floor and ceiling, the reverberation time was far too high, and flutter echoes further disturbed the sound image. We addressed these issues with a suspended ceiling construction and with built-in Logan diffusers, Sahara absorber wall panels, bass traps and subtraps in the corners behind the speakers. The final result did not just impress the customer in acoustic terms but also in its attractive design.


8x Artnovion Sahrara Doble absorbers (graphite)
20x Artnovion Lagos diffusers (white)
4x Siena W sub trap corner (graphite)
2x Siena W bass trap corner (graphite)
3x Siena W Absorber (graphite)