Acoustic pods and phone booths for offices by Kuietly


Soundproof Office Phone Booths and Acoustic Pods

Acoustics pods by Kuietly, not just a soundproof booth for phone calls and privacy but a place to go for important online meetings and moments. A place of silence where you can be alone with your focus and ideas, before coming back into office, refreshed and revitalised for the challenges ahead. An acoustic POD enables workers to have the best of both worlds, an open office set-up where cooperation and team projects can be carried out and a quiet place for crucial phone calls in a sound proof environment.

In modern offices and workspaces it is often necessary to combine co-working and independent working. Space and cost are both limiting factors which makes the acoustic POD’s by Kuietly a great balance between usability and design. The soundproof booths are created from multiple layers of high performance acoustic material to maximise the sound isolation provided. They also feature LED lighting, power sockets and well as an inbuilt desk and seating arrangement.

Acoustic POD

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