Acoustic ceiling panels by Kuietly


Acoustic ceiling panels for office spaces

Acoustic ceiling panels or suspended panels are responsible for controlling reverberation times in a big way. This can be the first starting point for acoustic treatment. The ceiling is often the closest surface for employees and if left untreated it can reflect unwanted noise to office workstations. There are two forms of external acoustic ceiling panels, baffles and clouds. Both are effective forms of controlling room acoustics. The choice of which panels to use depends on the situation and design limitations for the projects. The ultimate decisions come down to the acoustician or decision-maker in charge. Baffles (vertical hanging) are usually used for larger spaces and are used to control excessive reverberation.  Clouds (horizontal hanging) are most often used for small to mid-size spaces. They are particularly effective at reducing noise and improving speech intelligibility.

Suspended Panels

Argu Baffle
Aura Cloud