Office Acoustics Solutions by Kuietly


Office acoustics solutions for workplaces

Who are the company Kuietly and what do they do?

Pro Performance has teamed up with Kuietly to offer effective, attractive and affordable office acoustic solutions which ultimately lead to an improved atmosphere, increases in workplace satisfaction and thus productivity. 

Within the Kuietly range there are different products lines that target particular problems associated with the workplace environment. The company Kuietly is tireless in its mission to provide valuable office acoustics solutions for all situations.

How to improve workplace productivity in the context of acoustics.

  • Create dedicated quiet working areas for employees. Distracting conversations and phone calls should be avoided.
  • Furniture, plants, carpets and curtains can help to reduce vibrations and unwanted noise.
  • Rearrange and isolate working space so that work stations are acoustically separated as much as possible from shared areas.
  • Reduce the noise of communal areas by using acoustic materials and acoustic treated doors.
  • Ceilings are an important factor in room acoustics; a lot of sound reflections come from them. It should be one of the first places to consider when improving acoustics.

Our office acoustic partner Kuietly are specialised in creating better workplace environments through attractive and effective office acoustic solutions.


Why should you improve your office acoustics?

Solutions for improving the acoustics of offices and workspaces are important. By reducing disturbing noises concentration is improved and thus productivity. Office acoustic solutions help improve well-being and satisfaction which in itself leads to win-win situations. Acoustics elements can be arranged and installed not only to treat acoustics but to create attractive workspaces. Such environmental factors are important when it comes to employee happiness and motivation.

Is there a return on investment of acoustics?

Certainly. Noise warns us of dangers and interrupts our thoughts. In a workplace environment this is not ideal as this can affect overall output. Background noise has been shown to increase stress and errors made. This in turn results in lower efficiency. By enhancing a workplace with acoustic treatment, people are happier and can fulfil their potential, return on investment is ensured.

How are Kuietly and Artnovion related?

Kuietly evolved from the research and development work undertaken by Artnovion. Artnovion are specialists when it comes to the acoustics field. Kuietly has a special focus on the office acoustic environment and the needs of this market. Kuietly sells certain products from Artnovion due to their effectiveness in office environments and the overall superior acoustics know-how from Artnovion. Pro Performance is the exclusive Austrian Distributor for both Kuietly and Artnovion.

Kuietly product range

Acoustic POD 

Soundproof telephone booth and workplace.


Optimising privacy and facilitating communication.

Suspended Panels

Broad reduction of reverberation time in a space-saving way.


Acoustic Wallpapers

Controlling mid-high frequency sound with design appeal.


Acoustic Panels

Effective sound reduction and creative design possibilities.



Creating comfortable workplaces.