We have been getting the absolute best from sound systems since 2003. Creative problem solving is vital to achieving top quality sound. When we create sound solutions for music events and locations, acoustics plays a critical role in our considerations.
-Acoustics is often underestimated and neglected, but not by us.

Who we are?

We are an enthusiastic team of sound professionals determined to give our customers the best in class in sound, service and reliability.

What do we do?

Since 2003 we have be addressing the sound and acoustic concerns and issues of our customers. We are committed to this aim and have gained a large amount of experience over the years.

Our Philosophy

To us, professional work and the customer’s satisfaction are our top priority.  For this reason we also offer an exclusive all-in package which includes consulting, sound design and system installation. Additionally we sell products in all areas of professional sound engineering.

Room acoustics

The solution of acoustic problems is a complex yet important topic. Many people are either badly advised or not sufficiently informed in this area, which makes it difficult to remedy acoustic problems afterwards. We see it as our duty to provide our customers with the best possible information and potential solutions for their decision-making process.

The weak link in a chain?

It cannot be overstated how important acoustics are – unless designed, installed, and controlled correctly, even a high-quality system will struggle to perform well. A correctly designed cheaper system with good acoustics can bring better results than a top of the line set-up. It is always necessary to follow the laws of physics and ensure that the acoustics are the best that they can be.

Volksoper, Vienna

Acoustic design of the ceiling of the Volksoper, Vienna.


Consulting & sales

You will only find products that we consider to be outstanding. The results we achieve with our projects and installations are only possible using exceptional products. Whether club or stage, studio, home cinema, hi-fi room, offices, or meeting rooms; we strive to offer our customers the best possible individual and tailor-made solutions.

With experience, know-how and outstanding products we are here for you.

Pro Performance, the anchor of sound.

Sound reinforcement

The reproduction of music takes place via the electromechanical movement of loudspeaker membranes. These membranes vary in design depending on the concept or area of application. The movements of the body generate the sound vibrations that we perceive in the form of tones.

How often do you really experience perfect sound? If your answer is rarely, or never – we’re here to change that!


When sound engineers talk about acoustics, they generally talk about the propagation of sound waves in rooms. The relevant parameters for this are reflections and the reverberation time, which can be experienced in practice as anything from “dry” to “reverberant”.

Depending on their use, rooms must therefore have certain properties in order to function correctly from an acoustic point of view. This applies in principle to all rooms.

If electro-acoustics come into play, the subject becomes even more challenging (linking sound reinforcement with acoustics). Depending on the situation, requirements and specifications, we can provide you with comprehensive and professional support to suit your needs.

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