4. Our under-underground location.

4. Our under-underground location.

Krypt. Sound:

Did you know, Pro Performance are responsible for the entire sound concept design and installation in Krypt? Wolfgang took on the project in 2016 and was involved untill its completion in 2017. Krypt. stands above the standard as a shining example of the Viennese gastro scene. A combination of high-end and high-usability. Fitted of course with an impressive sound system that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end.

A sleek, classy location with killer-drinks and comfy-vibes. A DJ can often be found, entertaining and delighting guests as they take in the visuals of this stunning ‘underground’ location. Supported of course by ‘Pro Performance sound’.

Pro Performance, discover true sound.


Setup and specifications:

Tops: 13x customised DA6 + 2x 6.5” with 2” double AMT (Air Motion Transformer)

Subwoofers 8x 18” customised CBD

Monitors 2x Lambda Labs CX-1A

Processer: Xilica Neutrino A1616D

Acoustics: 30x Siléncio standard



The Majestic.

Original sound design from Pro Performance.