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9. A night/day to remember.

Stefan Kainbacher’s 21st birthday party
A couple of weeks ago a couple of hundred creatives gathered in one spot for Stefans Birthday. The wonderful lighting, magnificent art installation and dazzling decoration were of course supported by none other than ‚Pro Performance sound‘.
All these elements came together to celebrate the very best parts of life, it was a night/day to remember.
Pro Performance,
art in sound design
Set-up and specifications:
Main floor
 2x Lambda Labs TX-3A 
 2x Lambda Labs DH-18
2x Lambda Labs CX-1A

Second floor 

2x Lambda Labs TX-3A 
2x Lambda Labs TX-2A
2x Lambda Labs MF-15A

Third floor 
4x Alcons Audio VR5
2x Alcons Audio BF151 mkII
2x Alcons Audio Sentinal 10

Pro Performance,
the sound of the city.