8. SÜBA AG Accoustic treatment.

8. SÜBA AG Accoustic treatment.

SÜBA AG Accoustic treatment

Night-club projects are just for the night (+once in a blue moon).
During the day, accoustics dominate the precedings.

Wolfgang Sauter is ‚the‘ sound guy in Vienna. It’s not just about having the best sound system but its about having the room accoustics to match.

► This could help explain why Pro Performance club projects are a step above the rest.

► ‚Pro Performance Sound‘ = Bangin‘ systems + precise accoustics


Acoustics setup and specifications:

28x Artnovion Logan W Diffuser

44x Artnovion Siena W Absorber

16x Pinta Float ceiling element

35x Pinta Float wall element


Pro Performance definition corner:
To do something “once in a blue moon” is to do it very rarely

Pro Performance,
the anchor of sound.