7. MAK Vienna and the QX, art in design.

7. MAK Vienna and the QX, art in design.

MAK – Museum of Applied Arts Opening – Show Off.

As it turns out, MAK also like to ‚Show Off‘. A stunning Lambda Labs QX set-up was organised and tuned to perfection by non other than the Wolfgang Sauter.

A statement was demanded and we dutifully complied. I marvelled at the artistic synergy found between the magnificant Säulenhalle and the strong, brooding imagery of the QX system.


Setup and specifications:

Tops: 6x Lambda Labs QX-3

Kickfillers: 6x Lambda Labs QX-B

Monitor: 1x Lambda Labs CX-2A

Amplifiers: 6x Lambda Labs KW-18

Pro Performance dictionary corner:
Synergy, the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

Pro Performance,
how sound should be.