Discover True Sound

6. Club Auslage, how sound is meant to be.

The makings of the Club Auslage bass array
Did you know Pro Performance designed, built and installed the bass array in the (fondly missed) Auslage in 2014? The 12x 15” custom built vertical bass array combined together with a four point sound system to create a superb example of how club sound is meant to be.
Short history lesson: In 2008 Pro Performance equipped the smaller floor with a Lambda Labs and Alcons Audio combo and the owners (presumably pleased) approached Wolfgang again in 2014 and asked him to design the sound concept for their main stage renovation.
Pro Performance, the anchor of sound.
Auslage setup and specifications:
Bass speakers: 12x CBD18 15″ bass array elements
Top speakers: 4x DA12+ 6” AMT
Amplifiers: 2x Xilica XD4080
Pro Performance, delivering a pure clubbing experience.