5. Drumsound, Roland Navratil.

5. Drumsound, Roland Navratil.

Roland Navratil’s Drumsound

We popped round for a look at Roland Navratil’s recently concepted ‘Drumsound’ studio. Almost hidden in the heart of the 15th District, the live recording studio of this supremely gifted individual is a shining example of the depth and quality found within the Viennese music scene.

At this point it should be noted that Roland was entirely responsible for the installation, with a little acoustics know-how from Wolfgang of course.

Although Pro Performance are directly involved in many projects we also act as a distributor for the Portuguese company Artnovion Acoustics. A company at the absolute cutting edge of innovation and performance in the rapidly expanding acoustics market.

Artnovion Accoustics, masters of accoustics.

Artnovion Acoustics panels.

24x Myron E Diffuser
16x Douro W Diffuser
18x Andrea Absorber
8x Ulysses Bass Trap

36x Myriad F50 Absorber

Monitors: 2x Lambda Labs CX 3A

Roland Navratil´s Drumsound Vienna,
supported by Pro Performance.